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Top 5 Jewellery Questions, Answered!

We get asked a lot of jewellery questions, so we wanted to put together a quick and helpful guide that we hope will answer some of those burning questions! If you’ve got any you want us to add to the list, let us know!

Which Gold Is the Best?

This usually means, which Gold should I buy? A lot of people may think that 24 karat gold is the best type of gold to purchase – however, as 24 karat gold is pure gold, it’s extremely delicate, not very durable and very expensive! Basically, if you want the most out of your gold, purchasing 18 karat gold will give you the most for your money, without breaking the bank!

Let’s not forget 9 karat gold either, which you will find is quite common with wedding bands. Although it contains less gold, 9 karat gold is a brilliant choice for those who will put their jewellery through daily wear and tear, so you can be confident the gold and other metals that are incorporated will add durability and strength.

Which Gold Is The Best?

Which Diamond cut is the Most Expensive?

Due to the amount of facets it creates, 57-58 facets in total; the Round Cut would traditionally be the most expensive type of cut Diamond; however the cost of a Diamond varies depending on the cut.

Each cut gives the diamond a different amount of facets. As there are 10 different Cuts to choose from, it’s essential to understand what you like and how much you’re willing to pay for it.

Which Diamond Cut Is The Most Expensive?

Which Ring goes on Which Finger?

How you wear your rings comes from many, many decades of traditions and symbolisms that have been passed through the ages into the present day, some however don’t really exist anymore, and some have continued to be a part of everyday life.

  1. Third Finger on Your Left Hand: Traditionally seen as the engagement and wedding Ring finger
  2.  Index Finger: Used by Kings and Queens, a ring would be worn on this finger for ‘kissing’
  3. Little Finger: Connection with mafia and crime, commonly seen in films
  4. Middle Finger: Central to the hand, wearing rings on this finger can represent balance and strength, but there is no particular style of ring that is connected to this finger.
  5. Left and Right Thumb: Chunky statement rings can often be seen worn on the thumb. Wearing a ring on the thumb is suitable for both men and women.

Which Ring Goes On Which Finger?

How durable is Platinum?

Platinum is extremely durable, so much so it is one of the strongest metals and therefore wears at a much slower rate than say, gold or silver. However, durability should not be confused with how easy something can be scratched.

Platinum can still become scratched but will not lose its appearance as quickly as other metals and instead creates something called ‘patina’ which is a much desired look in itself.

How Durable Is Platinum?

Which gemstone should I wear?

The type of gemstone you choose to wear all comes down to personal preference in colour, style, symbolism and meaning. If you’re somebody who enjoys the origins and meaning behind gemstones then check to see which gemstone is your birthstone.

If you’re simply interested in colour and overall appearance, there are so many gemstones to choose from, that some of the most popular gemstones, aside from the Diamond are the Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Pearl and Amethyst, looking into these first may help to narrow down your search.

Of course you should also take into consideration how often you’re going to wear these gemstones and which one suits your lifestyle the most. If you intend to wear this gemstone everyday you need to be confident that it can endure some daily wear and tear, unless you’re only going to wear it for special occasions you could go for a more delicate gemstone like the Pearl.

Which Gemstone Should I Wear?

If you have a burning jewellery question, get in touch or come and see us in-store.