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4 ‘Royal Wedding’ Inspired Bridal Accessories


We’ve got wedding fever! After seeing Meghan’s beautiful wedding dress and bridal accessories, here’s 4 ways you can accessories your wedding dress in 2018 and beyond!

  1. Head Accessories

You can’t beat a beautiful gemstone headband or tiara. Just like Kate and Meghan you can add a touch of glamour with hair or head accessories.

Depending on your style and taste, there are an abundance of tiara styles that become a statement piece and can be worn with and without the veil. Diamonds and gemstones are perfect for this look as they will sparkle when the light hits them and it will present a more regal look.

If you want a tiara that is still stunning but not as flashy, try pearls and other muted gemstones such as Jade. Although these don’t sparkle, they will give you colour and glamour without feeling ‘over the top’.

A tiara may also feel different depending on your face shape.

For long faces, avoid tiaras with a high point as this may make your face and head appear longer. Go for a more rounded tiara that will add balance to your jaw line and overall shape.

Those with round faces should do the opposite of long faces and try on tiaras that have points or are less curved to give the illusion of more structure.

  1. Veils

How can veils be a trend you ask? Well as with most styles, they evolve to incorporate styles and trends that are current. You may have seen embroidery over the past year on jeans, bags, shoes and other clothing items. Now embroidery has made its way onto veils.

However it’s not a simple pattern that people are looking for, they want their veil to display a message or song. You may have seen the work of Paolo Sebastion (if you haven’t, prepare yourself for pure magic) his inspired versions of Disney Princess wedding dresses are outstanding and will give you plenty of ideas when looking for what you want to incorporate in your own wedding dress.

When we think of a veil, most of us may imagine a long, flowing piece of material that’s longer than the dress. There are so many variations of veils that if you want something you can wear all day, there are options for that. A birdcage veil for example, stays close to the hairline and sits over the face, either to one side of the face or most of the forehead and eyes.

Birdcage Wedding Veil

  1. Chokers and Layers

Choosing the perfect necklace should come after you’ve picked the dress, simply due to the neckline.

If you’ve chosen a dress with a high neckline, you wouldn’t really be able to wear a choker, as it would get lost with the dress.

However, layering necklaces can be used for most necklines. So if you feel yourself struggling for necklace ideas, try layering.

So, what kind of choker should you choose? How intricate is your dress? Is there a subtle pattern or design on your dress? You can ask yourself these questions to determine if the choker should include gemstones or if it should be simple with a small amount of detail.

Chokers are diverse pieces of jewellery, as they can be designed with a mixture of stone and material or pearls and chains.

Exploring textures and fits is important when selecting the right choker – it shouldn’t be too tight!

How do you layer necklaces with your wedding dress? Thin, delicate chains always work best for this style, as lots of chunky chains may become heavy and look, well, chunky.

Selecting a mixture of non-decorative and decorative chains gives you the freedom to add bits of your personality. Chains with small pendants or ribbons are stylish and if not too over the top can be worn again and again. Similar to chokers, layering necklaces include mixing metal and fabric. Selecting fabrics close to your wedding dress would create a look that clearly shows you’ve thought about what accessories to wear.

Choker and Necklace Bridal Accessories

  1. inherited or unused Jewellery

Inspired by Harry and Meghan themselves why not reuse old or inherited jewellery and create a new bespoke piece? If you have jewellery that is sentimental but not worn often, why not take a stone or reuse the entire piece in your new jewellery?

It is great way put old jewellery to good use and if there is meaning behind old pieces of jewellery, it makes the new piece even more special.

It doesn’t even have to be a ring; you could incorporate unused jewellery into a bridal belt, necklace, earrings and even a decorative brooch that can be styled to match your dress, bridal bag or shoes!

If you are going down this route, visit your local jeweller. Our Goldsmith Paul is very talented and can create unique jewellery that is bespoke to you.

Reuse Inherited Jewellery to create a new Bridal accessory

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