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Valentine’s Jewellery Gift Guide

February the 14th, a day of the year that people all over the world recognise as a time to show someone you love them, whether that’s a parent, friend or partner, it’s a wonderful excuse to give a little extra.

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Although the complete history of Valentine’s Day is a little cloudy, we do know that for a very long time February has been the month in which romance is celebrated. Some may call it St. Valentine’s Day, which refers to St Valentine himself, a priest from Rome who lived in the 3rd Century AD.

St Valentine protested against Emperor Claudius II who had banned marriage through his belief it made men terrible soldiers. St Valentine arranged marriages in secret and unfortunately was jailed and sentenced to death. Whilst imprisoned he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter, on his last day before he was killed (February the 14th) the women he loved received a love letter signed “From Your Valentine”.

The tale of St Valentine has travelled through time to modern day as the birth of Valentine’s Day. The day itself is therefore believed to be a Roman tradition that was celebrated through the festival called Lupercalia. During the festivities boys and girls would draw their names from a box and those paired up would spend their time together during the festival.

As the holiday evolved, the Church turned the event into a Christian celebration and chose to keep the story of St Valentine alive by using the name and of course the wonderful gesture of giving to someone we love. Aside from the story of St Valentine, it was also believed he wore an Amethyst ring, which is known as the birthstone for February!

Valentine’s Day in Modern Day

  • In the UK 13% of women still prefer jewellery on Valentine’s Day
  • However 22% of women see Valentine’s Day as a perfect day for their partner to propose.
  • Valentine’s Day sees an estimated 25 million cards being exchanged in the UK
  • If that wasn’t enough, in the US 2.2 million marriages take place on this particular day – that makes for more than 6,000 a day!

It’s clear that Valentine’s Day can be a special day for everyone, if you’re looking for something truly special & unique, see below a wonderful range of Valentine’s jewellery that will have that special person head over heels in love!

9Carat Yellow and White Gold Heart Drop Earrings

For those romantic nights out these beautiful earrings would look stunning under candle light. They’re unique as they mix yellow and while gold together and have a modern twist on the traditional heart shape. These drop earrings are on trend and can be worn for any evening or event.

Yellow and White Gold Heart Drop Earrings


9Carat White Gold, Simulated Pink Heart Shaped Diamond Ring

Be pretty in pink this Valentine’s Day with this gorgeous heart shaped ring, small in detail but huge in beauty. If you’re searching for something with elegance & style this is the ring for you (or someone special9Ct White Gold Simulated Pink Heart Shape Diamond Solitaire Ring

9Carat Yellow Gold Heart Rubellite & Diamond Drop Earrings

Big night planned? Then you’re going to want to wear these stunning drop earrings, combined with the beautiful Rubellite & classic Diamond accents, these will dazzle and shine under the spotlight.

9carat Yellow Gold Heart Rubellite and Diamond Drop Stud Earrings

9Carat White Gold, Diamond Entwined Hearts Pendant

If you want to give someone something they can cherish and wear every day, this beautiful Diamond Entwined Hearts Pendant is a beautiful addition to a necklace to hold as a wonderful memory.

9Carat White Gold Diamond Entwined Hearts Pendant

If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, we have a stunning selection of Vintage, Antique & New Jewellery, with a range of styles, cuts, coloured gems and more, you’re sure to find the perfect piece at Jollys Jewellers